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Indonesian CEO Gunawan Jusuf Gets a Very Difficult Job Done Every Day

August 21, 2019

Since he became the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has managed offices, plantations and refineries throughout Indonesia. However, he also has to make sure every employee and subsidiary company works together for the greater good. Along the way, Gunawan Jusuf has led the drive to generate tremendous growth for many of the most recognized brands in Indonesia. Take Gulaku, a commercial refined sugar product that is considered a household name throughout the country. Of course, there are many other products that are almost as popular.

The Sugar Group isn’t a single company, but an assemblage of a number of independent companies, all of which must work together. That quite possibly may be his greatest skill.Last year, Gunawan Jusuf published a book, “Blue Gold,” in which he discusses in great detail the relative scarcity and the high value of water as our most important and precious commodity. Since his business activities depend greatly on readily available water, he understands better than most how precious and valuable natural resources can be. Not only is water crucial to the lives of humans everywhere; it is also essential to his and many other businesses and the overall economy.